Automated billing for skilled nursing facilities

Now you can have total confidence that your billing is being taken care of correctly and completely. Time to stop micromanaging, and start ​maximizing ​your billing.

Our automated system ensures a comprehensive and validated billing process, with full visibility of every action taken. Zunta is flexible and powerful; capable of handling the complexities of any skilled nursing facility.

Zunta allows you to
Monitor Billing
Set up and monitor​ your billing processes for non-insured payments
View Data
View consolidated data​ from PointClickCare on patient treatment history
Review Invoices
Review itemized statements​ to see each line item in a given invoice
Download Bills
Download PDF bills​ to email to debtors for prompt payment
Track Processes
Track every touchpoint​ in the billing and collection process
Get Paid
Accept fast payment​ through multiple convenient and user-friendly channels