Chat is simple

So why is it never implemented simply? Now it is. Welcome to Willow Chat.

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Welcome to Willow Chat, a built-in chat with all of the actual functionality that you need.

No major bells and whistles, because, really, is that necessary?

It integrates directly within your software. When a user is added to your system, the user is added to the chat. When a user is removed from your system, BAM!!! The user is gone from the chat #nomercy

P.S. We also have a mobile app.


Chat. Just chat. 1-1, group chat, and if you want to be fancy, broadcasting (oolala).


Do you have a custom software, but a separate software for internal chat?
#areweinthe21stcenturyorwhat #seriously

  • Nick Mitchel 2

    Hi! Nice to meet you! 1:30pm
  • Simon Ruiz

    This chat is awesome, no?! 4:50pm

Who we are

We’re complicated people, but like simple solutions. Or creating simple solutions to complicated problems.

This product is a simple solution to a simple problem. You want to chat, we give you a place to chat.

We created this product because we needed this product #notgonnalie. We had multiple systems that we wanted to implement an internal chat for, so we decided to make it as its own product.


60-90 minutes. Actually. That’s how long it’ll take an average developer to implement the chat into your software.

No really, we tested it with our own developers (we added a few minutes because we have good developers) – no,not the ones who developed it.

  • It’s so easy! Seen 1:30pm
  • I want to try it)) Seen 1:30pm



per user per month

Simple solutions shouldn’t be expensive. Cheaper than developing. Cheaper than Slack. Cheap.

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Still not convinced?

Fine. 30 days free. We can be convinced to make it free for 31 days,
but our CFO put his foot down at that. #shrug #outofourhands

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